Seventh-Day Adventist Church


Opening and Closing Reports

Filling Out the Opening Report (slideshow) If you cannot open the slideshow, click here. (PDF)

Opening Report
(fillable pdf) due September 15 to the local conference office of education.

Closing Report (fillable pdf) due at the end of the fiscal year or as per conference liaison.

Census sheet (Word)
Full-time Equivalent Census Sheet (Excel)
Ratio check (Word)

The data gathered from the Adventist program in the Pacific Union Conference is used to help us promote the needs and find solutions for our programs, directors and teachers. We will continue to collect data each year to chart growth, changes and successes and as promised, this data will be made available to each program director, either through the conference or the union office.

You may mail, fax or email the documents to your local conference office of education. They in turn forward the document to our office. Thank you!